The Experience 

    Coming to therapy can feel vulnerable and scary, but it is a brave step towards the life you deserve

    About Me 

    Hello! My name is Sarah-Elizabeth, I am a licensed psychotherapist based in West Los Angeles. I work with  creative young adults seeking to heal and thrive. I support individuals struggling with anxiety, depression, Highly Sensitive People (HSP), individuals with Relationship OCD (ROCD), couples looking for effective communication techniques, and artists who wish to connect more deeply to their creativity and cultivate a balance within their personal and professional lives.

    I am guided by effective techniques such as mindfulness, insight and genuine curiosity. I work to protect and nurture my client's sensitivities, strengths and hopes for a joyous and fulfilling existence.

    When I am not working as a therapist, I am pursuing my passion for music. Being a creative person has given me an empathy and a sensitivity for individuals trying to honor their passions while thriving in society. 

    Education and Training 

    I received my Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University. 

    I trained at the Southern California Counseling Center.

    I am:

    Trained in EMDR

    A Member of CAMFT

     Trained in Mindfulness Meditation 

    LMFT license number:  #114351